Contacts (as of 1 January 2022)
Click for Duties President: Paul Messing (586) 803-4080
Click for Duties 1'st Vice President (Programs): Mike Champine
Click for Duties 2'nd Vice President (Membership): Beverlee Babcock (586) 263-7666
Click for Duties co-3'rd Vice President (Field Trips): Joanna Pease
Click for Duties co-3'rd Vice President (Field Trips): Wade Leonard
Click for Duties Recording Secretary: Laura Barbour (248) 853-5465
Click for Duties Treasurer: Brandy Ciaciuch
Click for Duties Corresponding Secretary: Vacant
Click for Duties Car Pool Coordinator: Vacant
Click for Duties Christmas Bird Count: Brian McGee
Click for Duties Environmental & Conservation: Beth Noren
Click for Duties Historian: Vacant
Click for Duties Hospitality (Door Prize, Name Tags): Dennis Barbour
Click for Duties Hospitality (Refreshments): Michael Ciaciuch
Member-at-Large: Vacant
Click for Duties Member-at-Large: Vacant
Click for Duties Michigan Audubon Representative: Vacant
Click for Duties Newsletter Editor (Earthstar): Andrea Rose Meldrum
Click for Duties Facebook Representative: Barb Baldinger
Click for Duties Newsletter Assembly, Mailing: Laura and Dennis Barbour
Click for Duties Parliamentarian: Vacant
Click for Duties Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant
Click for Duties Web Editor: Paul Messing

The Macomb Audubon Board has recently decided to add both the Constitution and the Job Descriptions for both elected and appointed offices on the web site. To see the job description for a particular position above, click on the position name. Some positions don't currently have job descriptions listed, but most do. If you are interested in volunteering for one of the open positions or in running for one of the positions which is up for election, please take a look at the job description to review the duties. These duties are not official group bylaws, but rather informal descriptions which have been used to familiarize new board members and committee chairpersons with their new positions.

Due to privacy concerns the Macomb Audubon e-mail list has been removed from the web site. If you have something that you wish to share with the membership of the Macomb Audubon Society via e-mail please contact one of the board members listed above or e-mail us at We will be happy to forward the information for you.

Macomb Audubon Web Editor, E-mail at

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