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2023 Field Trip Schedule

WHAT TO BRING: If the trip is scheduled to go beyond 11:00 a.m., bring a lunch. Binoculars are essential; scopes, field guides, insect repellant, layered clothing and waterproof footwear are suggested. Notice that even trips which don't have a set leader will still take place - we'll all pitch in and have a good trip anyhow.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Unless noted, all trips take place regardless of normal rain and snowy weather. However, trips will be canceled in extreme blizzard conditions.

1. Harley Ensign Memorial Boating Access Site- Leader: Joanna Pease
January 21st (Saturday) 10:00 AM

Harley Ensign, or the "DNR boat launch" to some, is a classic place to visit in the winter. Because the mouth of the Clinton River often stays open while many other bodies of water freeze, there can be thousands of overwintering ducks and gulls, with an occasional rarity mixed in. There is also the possibility of seeing Snowy Owls which often roost on buildings near the access site.

There will be a spotting scope available for viewing, but please bring your own if you have one. Meet in the parking lot at 32995 S. River Rd., Harrison Township. Dress very warmly, as it can be very cold with winds blowing across the lake.

After viewing at this site, anyone that has interest can join Joanna to walk out to the point at nearby Lake St. Clair Metropark, in the afternoon, to look for more ducks. Be sure to RSVP to Joanna by text at (313) 720-9475 or by email at so you can be notified if this trip is cancelled due to inclement weather.

2. Beaudette Nature Park - Leader: Colleen Traylor
February 18th (Saturday) 10 AM

Beaudette Park is a jewel of a park in Pontiac, with a small mill pond and often hundreds of waterfowl, an amazing sight to see! You barely even need your binoculars, though it’s always good to bring them. From there, those who wish, may join us for lunch at The Grill, 2235 Orchard Lake Rd., Sylvan Lake, MI, 48320. Then, if all are willing, Colleen will take everyone to see a couple more hidden gems. Thanks to Colleen for finding this place and for leading the trip every year.

Contact Colleen at (248) 627-6872, or with any questions.

3. Kensington Metropark - Leader: Wade Leonard
March 15 (Wednesday) 10 AM

Come enjoy the nature trails and continue our annual tradition of hand-feeding the birds including chickadees and nuthatches. Everybody loves to hold the birds and see them so close! Bring seed for the birds and lunch for yourself. Meet in the Nature Center parking lot. Entrance fee required. RSVP to Wade by e-mail If weather is inclement, make-up day will be Wednesday, March 22.

4. Stony Creek Metropark - Leader: Joanna Pease
April 1 (Saturday) 8:30 a.m.

Experience early spring migration! Meet at the Osprey Trail parking lot. We will hike to the Upper Stony Creek Lake to scan the open waters for migrating waterfowl. Then we will decide as a group based on weather, ice cover, trail conditions and recent bird sightings on a second park location to visit. RSVP to Joanna by text at (313) 720-9475 or email at Click for Map

5. Tomlinson Arboretum- Leader: Barb Baldinger
May 3rd (Wednesday) 9 AM

Volunteers have planted hundreds of native trees, wild flowers and shrubs at this 24-acre park. Master gardeners maintain a wildflower prairie, pollinator garden and rain garden. There is a viewing platform with benches on a hill on the west side of Tomlinson Arboretum that was built by an Eagle Scout. Kukuk Creek and the woods attract migrating warblers. Many species of birds nest in the arboretum, such as Mallard, Blue Jay, House Wren, Eastern Bluebird, American Robin, House Finch, Song Sparrow, Baltimore Oriole, Red-winged Blackbird and Common Grackle. The wildflower gardens are a treat for hummingbirds, butterflies and photographers. For field trip: Meet at the cul-de-sac parking area at the end of 18 Mile Rd. 0.6 miles east of Garfield Rd. Contact Barb Baldinger by e-mail at to RSVP or to ask any questions.

6. Magee Marsh Wildlife Refuge- Coordinator: Colleen Traylor
May 5 - 8, 2023

The place for the best migrant warblering experience in our area. There are many very knowledgeable people present who are always willing to help with any tough identifications and also willing to report all the rarities. You never know what amazing birds will show up. To have all the energy needed to have a full weekend of birding, participants stay at a lodge starting Friday night. RSVP to Colleen who will provide the details of lodging and meeting arrangements. Contact her at 248-627-6872 or

7. Lake St. Clair Metropark Big Day Count
May 6th (Saturday) 7 AM

Lake St. Clair Metropark is currently looking for volunteers for their annual Big Day Count. This yearly count demonstrates the importance of the vital habitats in the park for migrating birds and provides an opportunity for us to see a variety of beautiful warblers and other passerines. Birders of all levels are needed to help. Call Erin Parker at 586-463-4332 to pre-register. Meet at the back LCSMP Nature Center at 7 AM. Coffee and pre-packaged snacks will be provided. Event ends at noon. You may also wish to bring lunch. Metropark entrance fee required.

8. Macomb Audubon Spring Campout Tawas State Park- Coordinator: Colleen Traylor
May 19 - 21, 2023 (Friday to Sunday)

Join us for our annual and incredibly fun weekend at Tawas State Park and environs including Tuttle Marsh, surrounding grasslands and riparian habitats along the Au Sable and Rifle Rivers. The area is one of the best places in Michigan to view migrating birds including many warblers, grassland birds, waterfowl, marsh birds and shorebirds. In addition, amazing rarities can show up so you never know what goodie you might see. Contact Colleen Traylor, 248-627-6872 or to sign up and obtain details of lodging and meeting arrangements.

9. Welcome Warblers Bird Sit: North Clinton River Park- Leaders: Brenda Suchenek and Joanna Pease
May 26th (Friday) 8:30 AM - 10 AM

Let’s meet at North Clinton River Park, which is a great hotspot for migrating birds! If you are interested in bird watching, but have limited mobility, we would love for you to join us. The group will be sitting (please provide your own chair), just a short distance from our cars, or you could stay in your car, but together we will be bird watching. Bird watching with other interested birders is a fun, safe and great way to help with sightings and identification. There is a paved trail close to where we will gather for those who would like to walk with Joanna. Pack your binoculars, and a chair to join Brenda and Joanna on this May morning. (Weather hotline is 586-446-2711 if inclement weather please check first before coming out.) Location: North Clinton River Park (8711 Riverland Drive, Sterling Heights) in the back lot.

10. Wetzel State Game Area- Leader: Joanna Pease
June 4 (Sunday) 8 AM

Wetzel SGA is a very good location for breeding birds in a variety of habitats including fields, ponds and woods. Regular sightings over the years have been Clay-colored Sparrow, Sedge Wren, American Bittern, Least Bittern, occasionally Yellow-breasted Chat, Blue-winged Warbler, Willow and Alder Flycatcher and many other species. Meet at the parking lot on 27 Mile Rd. where it dead ends just west of Werderman (not the lot just south of New Haven Rd.) RSVP to Joanna by text at 313-720-9475 or by e-mail at

11. Pine Tree Acres Landfill- Leaders: Joanna Pease and Kathleen Klein
July 8 (Saturday) 8:45 AM

The Pine Tree Acres Landfill staff has graciously agreed to allow is into the landfill property again this time to see the many species of birds that nest there. The site is a certified wildlife nature site and has various habitats including woods, open fields and wetlands so there should be a good variety of birds present. It is also fascinating to see how the landfill operates and the efforts that have been made to make it a wildlife area. There can be no more than 6 cars present so RSVP to Joanna is required by July 6 by text at 313-720-8475 or by e-mail at Depending on the number of people interested, we may need to arrange for car-pooling prior to entering the site. We will meet at Lenox Township Hall, 63755 Gratiot Ave. Trip should end by 11 AM before the trucks start arriving.

12. Stony Creek Metropark Bat Walk- Leader: Erin Parker
August 25 (Friday) 7:30 PM

Stony Creek Metropark is an excellent place to observe bats. We are excited that Erin Parker, Eastern District Interpretive Services Supervisor, will be providing a short educational session and then leading the walk. Last year she found Big Brown, Hoary and Silver-haired Bats! Walk ends at 9 PM. Meet at the Stony Creek Nature Center. Pre-registration required: contact Joanna Pease by text at 313-720-9475 or by e-mail at Metropark entrance fee also required.

13. Pointe Mouillee State Game Area: An Exploration by Car- Leaders: Tom Heatley and Jim Fowler
August 26 (Saturday) 8 AM

Pointe Mouillee SGA provides some of the best shorebird viewing in the state, especially during late summer and early fall.

Leader Jim Fowler has been guiding field trips here for many years for various Audubon groups. He has a special permit which allows cars to enter on these trips. A limit of four vehicles may caravan onto the dikes. We can only accept twenty people and ride sharing is required. If you are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19, please wear a mask. If anyone feels ill that day, stay home.

Reservations will be accepted starting July 1st and can be made through August 20th. Make your reservation by emailing Joanna Pease at Please include your name and phone number so you can be reached regarding any changes. You will receive an email reply to let you know if you’ve made the list of twenty. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Bring water, a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Directions: Take I-75 south to Exit 26, then take S Huron Rd. east to U.S. Turnpike. Take U.S. Turnpike south to Sigler Road, then head east on Sigler Road until you reach the parking lot at the end.

14. Stony Creek Metropark- Leader: Joanna Pease
September 10 (Sunday) 8 AM

September is considered the classic month for fall warblers and the right time to learn and enjoy fall plumages. Join us at the Southdale A parking lot to look for migrants in the woods and on the lake. Trip should end by noon. Entrance fee or Metropark sticker needed. RSVP to Joanna by text at 313-720-9475 or e-mail at

15. Kensington Metropark- Leader: Wade Leonard
October 18 (Wednesday) 10 AM

Come enjoy the nature trails and continue our popular tradition of hand-feeding the birds including chickadees and nuthatches and wandering the trails for late migrants. Everybody loves to hold the birds and see them so close! Bring seed for the birds and lunch for yourself. Meet at the Nature Center parking lot. Entrance fee required. RSVP to Wade by e-mail

16. 124th Christmas Bird Count - Leader: Brian McGee
Dec. 16 (Saturday)

For over a century, the National Audubon Society has collected data from volunteers throughout the country on early-winter bird populations. Saturday, December 16th will be the date of Macomb Audubon Society's 48th Christmas Bird Count. If you have never participated in this annual event, please think about volunteering to help count the birds in our area. Many of our Macomb Audubon members look forward to this special occasion to bird with friends and enjoy a hot soup/chili supper at the end of the day followed by a tally of all birds counted.

Sign up sheets will be available at the upcoming membership meetings. After signing up, you will be assigned to an area with other birders. Please offer to split the cost of gas among the participants in each car.

Area leaders will receive their packets at the December membership meeting. The tally supper will be held on the same evening of the count at 5 PM in the Nature Center at Stony Creek Metropark (click here for map). Please consider volunteering to bring a crock-pot of chili, soup, snack or dessert to the tally. Participants, remember to bring your own soup bowl and spoon.

If you wish to participate and are unable to attend the meetings please contact Brian McGee at

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